Changing/Adding Articles

Log in to the back end of the site using the login credentials provided.

Making changes to existing pages

1. Across the top, go to Content > Article Manager

2. You will see a list of the titles of the different articles that appear on your site. Click the title and it will take you into the article. Make any changes you need to – the tool bar is similar to what you’ll see in Word.

3. Once you make changes, at the top, click one of the following:

     a. Save (leaves you in the article and is useful for making a large amount of changes)

     b. Save & Close (saves the article and then takes you back out to the list)


Creating new pages and putting them in the menu

(these instructions are for only adding articles to the menu items, not for linking to other types of options)

First, create the new article

1. Across the top, go to Content > Article Manager

2. Click “New”

3. Enter the title of the article in the “Title” Box.

4. You may either leave the category "Uncategorized" or choose from the categories you have decided on with your designer.

5. Enter the article. DO NOT cut and paste from Word or emails…. It adds some code in the back end that will change the formatting. 6. When you have entered the article, use the save buttons.

Second, create the meu title

1. Across the top, go to Menus > Menu Manager

2. Select the menu you are adding to (it is usually "Main Menu")

3. Click "New"

4. Menu Title: Enter the title you want to appear in the bar. Tip: keep it short and sweet

5. Menu Item Type: Articles > Single Article

6. Once you have selected the Single Article, a box will appear called "Select Article".

7. Click the "Select" button on that line. Click the title of the article you want to link to.

8. If you are creating a menu item to appear on the main bar, click save and close... you are done. If you are trying to create a submenu, move your eyes to the right side of the screen. You will see a drop down menu called "Parent Item". Click in there and then click on the menu item you want your new menu item to appear under. For example, you found this article by hoving over "Cheat Sheets".