The Process

Thank you for your interest! Here is the process I work through with my clients:

  • I ask for ideas of what type of website they're looking for: informational, ecommerce, interactive, etc. 
  • I ask for any ideas they have regarding what color schemes they envision. A lot of time, there is an existing logo in set colors, so I can work with that as a start.
  • If there are specific websites they've seen that they like how a certain element looks, or the feel, etc. I ask for those URLs. Not to copy exactly! But to give me an idea of the overall "feel" of the type of site they are looking for.
  • I then work up an estimate based on the number of hours I believe it will take me to do and that is presented to the client. If you are in agreement, I take 50% upfront which is non-refundable. The rest is due upon completion of the website and needs to be paid within 30 days of the website being live.
  • Once the agreement is in place and the deposit secured, I mock up the first page. If actual text is available, I use that. If the actual text or photos are not ready yet, I use stock photos and placement text so the client can see how the elements sit. Once that is approved, or changes are requested, we work through everything until the client says it's ready. 
  • At this point, I make a "live draft" on the site. It is not viewable to the general public but put the site so you can interract with it. When it is all complete and ready, the site goes live.